Wednesday, June 29, 2016


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Most troubling is the fact that the Democratic party platform has now given a green light blessing for its members of Congress to go rogue in defiance of the clear will of the people. It is nothing short of despicable. Please continue to speak out and share the action page in every possible way. What Part Of No TPP Don't You Get? Action Page: OK . . . let's dig in. And if you go to the action page now, we have added three ref links for more information about everything that is wrong with it. In the first place, the TPP is for the most part not a trade agreement at all. Instead, it is a grand manifesto of corporate rights as being superior to any national interest or the people of any nation, a further escalation of the installation of business corporations as the unchallenged sovereign over the planet. This is reflected most odiously in the extensive chapter on so-called Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS). The title itself has evil baked into it, presuming a priori that business corporations even HAVE sovereignty standing on a par with a nation state, such that there should even BE a dispute about whether they are bound to follow that nation's laws. So for example, let's say a Canadian pipeline company doesn't like the fact that their proposal for a certain to leak pipeline, carrying the most foul and toxic petroleum sludge ever through pristine natural aquifers, has been rejected by our duly elected representatives. This is not some far-fetched hypothetical. They have already FILED such a suit under existing, but weaker, ISDS type provisions in previous bad "trade" agreements. Under the TPP, the "dispute" would go to a kangaroo court tribunal of corporate lawyers with no accountability to any national judicial authority, and granted the power to override our own courts. So Trans-Canada gets to stick their smelly pipeline up our butts whether we like it our not. And what corporate attorney wouldn't love the unilateral prerogative to do that? But that's just the rotten core. Other provisions that have nothing to do per se with trade expand monopoly rights of pharmaceutical companies, gut food safety and environmental laws, demolish international financial regulation, further accelerate job export to the lowest common denominator wage base. You name it, if there is anything any greedy corporation has ever done to try to wreck our safety, security or prosperity, and seize all power unto themselves it's in there. The more you know, the more you will be outraged that this is still even being considered. How dare the Democratic party platform take the non-position that there is a "diversity of views" over the TPP? This is nothing but license for the worst corporate toadies in the Democratic party to gang up with Republicans to sneak this through in the lame duck session. That's the most despicable part of it. Those miserable duplicitous cowards don't dare bring it up now. They'd all get booted out on their ears in the coming election and they perfectly well know it. No, they're going lie to us, and lull us, and stick it to us after the election is over. We will never have more leverage over candidate Clinton that we have right now, leading up to the convention. Do we really have to twist her arm now to adopt her OWN stated position in her OWN platform? Apparently we do. And we need every person who has ever spoken out on this to not only do so again, but to also recruit 10 more people to do so. Here are the social media sharing links again. Submit EACH of them EVERY day, customize to taste, and keep it up. #noTPP on Twitter: #noTPP on Facebook: #noTPP on Google Plus: And after you submit the action page, feel free to request one of our "Expressway To Trade Hell TPP" bumper stickers. Of you can get one directly from this page for a contribution of any amount. Trade Hell bumper stickers: And if you want us to send you one for FREE, just email back with your mailing address, and we'll get it right out. Of course if you can make a donation, this is what makes it possible for us to send free stickers to anyone who cannot make a contributions right now. Donations page: You may forward this message to any friends who would find it important. Contributions to The People's Email Network or ActBlue are not tax-deductible for federal income tax purposes. If you would like to be added to our distribution list, go to Or if don't want to receive our messages, just go to usalone978b:236898

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