If the U.S. Senate general election for Kentucky were held today, who would you vote for?

If the U.S. Senate general election for Kentucky were held today, who would you vote for?

If the U.S. Senate general election for Kentucky were held today, who would you vote for?

If the U.S. Senate general election for Kentucky were held today, who would you vote for?

If the Democratic Primary were held today for U.S. House KY-05, who would you vote for?

If the Democratic Primary were held today for U.S. House KY-05, who would you vote for?

Thursday, April 24, 2014


"H R 2217: On Agreeing to the Amendment 27 to H R 2217
Vote Date: June 5, 2013[Hal Rogers did ]Vote:NAYBad Vote.
"Homeland Security Ammunition Purchases. During consideration of the Homeland Security appropriations bill (H.R. 2217), Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.) offered an amendment specifying that "none of the funds made available by this Act may be used for entering into a new contract for the purposes of purchasing ammunition" until the Department of Homeland Security submits a report to Congress about its purchase and use of ammunition. Meadows explained on the floor of the House that a recent large ammunition purchase by DHS was a cause for concern. "Earlier this year, it was reported that DHS solicited bids for some 1.1 billion rounds of ammunition," he noted. "This was more than 10 times the amount that the Department purchased in fiscal year 2012." Meadows added that the current inventory of ammunition for the 62,618 DHS employees certified in firearms amounts to nearly 4,000 rounds per person.

"The House adopted Meadows' amendment on June 5, 2013 by a vote of 234 to 192 (Roll Call 204). We have assigned pluses to the yeas because the size of DHS ammunition purchases is alarming - particularly considering that under our constitutional system domestic law enforcement is a local and state responsibility."

Hal Rogers voted NAY on amendment 27 to H R 2217.  That means Hal Rogers voted to allow the Department of Homeland Security to buy more than 10 times the amount of ammunition for fiscal year 2013 than they had bought in 2012--all without explanation to Congress.  The Department of Homeland Security is supposed to have Congressional oversight, and does not need to purchase 4000 ammunition rounds per Department of Homeland Security Employee.  The Department of Homeland Security is supposed to defend America against a small group of terrorists, not against ordinary citizens like you and me.  Hal Rogers is for WASTE!   Kenneth Stepp, as your Congressman, would vote to cut waste and useless appropriations.  STEPP FOR CONGRESS, KY-05!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

#16 of the Freedom Index.

“16    Military Intervention. During consideration of the defense appropriations bill (H.R. 2397), Rep, Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) offered an amendment to prohibit funding for military actions after December 31, 2014 that are carried out pursuant to the 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF). As Rep. Schiff noted: "The 2001 AUMF was never intended to authorize a war without end, and it now poorly defines those who pose a threat to our country. That authority and the funding that goes along.with it should expire concurrent with the end of our combat role in Afghanistan.”  
Schiff also noted: "The Constitution
vests the Congress with the power to declare war and the responsibility of appropriating funds to pay for it. It is our most
awesome responsibility and central to our
military efforts overseas. We owe it to the
men and women we send into combat to
properly define and authorize their mission, and my amendment will effectively
give Congress the next 16 months to do so."

The House rejected Schiff’s amendment on July 24, 2013 by a vote of 185 to~236 (Roll Call 410).We have assigned pluses to the yeas because only Congress has the Constitutional Authority to
declare war and appropriate funds to pay for it.
     Authorizing the president to use military force without a declaration of war is a
shifting of responsibility from congress
 to the executive branch that essentially allows the president to exercise dictator-like powers and should be opposed.”

Hal Rogers (KY-5 Congressman R) voted against the Schiff Amendment, but Kenneth Stepp would have voted for it (Roll Call 410) because Kenneth Stepp believes it is time to end U.S. military intervention concurrent with the end of our combat role in Afghanistan, and bring the troops home, and end the “war without end”.  STEPP FOR CONGRESS!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014




"~'Indeftnite Military Detenti0n .

" . During consideration of the defense authorization bill (HR. 1960), Representative Adam Smith (D- Wash.) offered an amendment to eliminate indefinite military detention of

any person detained in the United States, its territories or possessions, under the 2001Authorization for Use of Military Force.  Smith’s Amendment would call for the immediate transfer of such detained persons to trial in a civilian court.

* * *

The House rejected Smith's amendment
on June 13, 2013 by a vote of 200 to 226
(Roll Call 228). We have assigned pluses to  
the yeas because indefinite detention without trial is a serious violation of long-cherished legal protections including the right to habeas corpus, the issuance of a warrant based on probable cause (Fourth Amendment) and the right to a "speedy and public” trial (Sixth Amendment). Under the National Defense Authorization Act, the president may abrogate these rights simply by designating terror suspects, including Americans, as "enemy combatants.” A government that would lock anyone indefinitely without trial is certainly moving toward tyranny, and legislation to prevent this abuse of power is needed."

“Freedom Index” of The New American # 11, PUBLISHED JAN 2014, and Congressman Hal Rogers received a negative mark on the Freedom Index because he voted against Representative Adam Smith’s Amendment in the above matter, which means that Hal Rogers voted for indefinite military detention without trial of persons detained within the United States.  Kenneth Stepp believes in freedom and would have voted for Congressman Adam Smith’s Amendment above described.  STEPP FOR CONGRESS, KY-05!


4  BUYing Russian Helicopters for
iAfghan Security Forces.

During consideration of the defense appropria-
tions bill (HR 2397), Rep. Mike Coffman
(R-Colo.) introduced an amendment to de-
fund a Defense Department purchase of 30.
Russian Mi-17 helicopters. Circumventing
Congress, the Defense Department on June


13 2013 awarded a $553.8 million contract
to the Russian state-owned arms export firm

Rosoboronexport for the purchase of the
helicopters. Coffman's amendment would
specifically strip that amount from the
DOD's Afghanistan Security Forces Fund.


The House adopted Coffman's amend-
ment on July 23, 2013 by a vote of 346 to
79 (Roll Call 390). We have assigned plus-'
es to the yeas because it is preposterous that,
the United States would take US. taxpayer \
dollars to purchase helicopters for the new
Afghan military from Rosoboronexport, a
Russian state-owned export company that
has manufactured and supplied arms to

enemy states, such as Iran and Syria.”


The Freedom Index, published in the January 6, 2014

The New American gave U.S. Rep. HAL ROGERS,

R-KY-05 a negative mark on this because he had voted for The preposterous vote against the Coffman Amendment That would have had America purchasing Russian Helicopters for the new Afghan Military.  As your  Congressman, Kenneth Stepp would have voted against the U.S. purchasing Russian helicopters for the new Afghan military.  STEPP FOR CONGRESS!





u.s.-ChinaJOint Military Exer-
During consideration of the

defense appropriations bill (H.R. 2397),

Rep. Steve Stockman (R Texas) offered an amendment to prohibit funds to be used for United States military exercises which include any participation by the People’s Republic of China." On September 6, 2013, after this amendment was rejected, three Chinese warships arrived at Pearl.Harbor to participate in a joint one-day search and 'rescue drill with the U.S. Navy guided-missile cruiser U.S.S. Lake Erie. The joint exercise was conducted on September 9, 2013.

On November 12, 2013, for the first time

in US. history, Chinese People’s People’s Liberation Army troops put boots on U.S. soil as they participated in a joint "Disaster Management Exchange” with the US. Army Pacific, the Hawaii Army National Guard,
and the US. Army Corps of Engineers. The
amendment to prohibit the use of funds for
such ventures was intended to prevent the
US. military from participating in them.


The House rejected Stockman's amend-
ment on July24, 2013 by a vote of 137 to
286 (Roll Call 404). We have assigned plus-
es to the yeas because communist China
is a self-proclaimed enemy of the United
States, responsible for the deaths of tens
of millions of people in the 20th century;
continues to persecute countless political
dissenters, Christians, and other religious
minorities; and has recently threatened to
target and destroy US. cities with nuclear-
tipped ICBMs. Military collaboration with
the Chinese regime will not diminish the
security threat it poses to the United States

But, if anything, heighten it.”

The Freedom Index, published in the January 6, 2014
Edition of The New American magazine further adds that U.S. Congressman Hal Rogers R-KY-5 voted against Roll Call 404, thus voting in favor of the joint military exercise with the United States and Communist China.  Kenneth Stepp does not consider Communist China to be America’s friend nor America’s military ally, and Kenneth Stepp would have voted against any joint military exercises or Operations with Communist China.  Kenneth Stepp would have voted in favor of Roll Call 404 and against the Chinese Communists.  Hal Rogers is soft on Communism and should be turned out of office in favor of a patriot.

Friday, April 11, 2014

The issues in the Democratic Primary.

In his recent BlogSpot, Billy Ray Wilson, a Democratic Candidate for U.S. House KY 05 begins by explaining, "April 2, 2014 – I watched the movie ‘Noah’ and earlier in March 2014, I watched the movie trailer ‘Son of God’ to see how the directors/producers presented the mythical stories to the international community."
That's one difference between us two Democratic candidates.  I believe that the Bible is true, and is the inspired word of God. 
Billy Ray adds, "The ‘Son of God’ was what I expected. I don’t know how tickets sales were for the movie but I know local churches leased the theater screening the movie several times. From the trailer, I confirmed my opinion why too many citizens of Red States are recipients of multiple sources of government assistance." 
Kenneth Stepp responds, "I am a member of a local church.  Our church sometimes uses videos and high tech devices to better teach the Bible to people.  Our church believes "No Creed but Christ; no book but the Bible".
  Billy Ray, my Democratic opponent, adds, "The majority of the Red States Christians believe the myths of the Bible they will be resurrected from death should they accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior which would occur at Jesus’ return to earth. Unfortunately, the after-life myth wasn’t in the original text from which the Bible was published."   The Bible says it, so I believe it is true and that settles it.  It is correct that the Old Testament does not promise eternal lives; yet there are hundreds of promises of God in the Old Testament and Jewish People and others who believe in, and practice the teachings of the Old Testament are literally "Standing on the Promises of God".  In the Old Testament Ten Commandments, a long life is promised to anyone who Honors His Father and His Mother.   I knew a lawyer who kept a statue of Moses on his desk, and kept his framed Bar Association certificate, and his father's framed Bar Association certificate hanging on his wall; he lived to be ninety five.

    Billy Ray's BlogSpot continues, "In the movie, Jesus calmed a raging sea, placed his hands in the water and the fisher’s net became full, he made a blind man see, he provided food and drink for the multitudes, healed the sick, and additional miracles for the people seeking socialism."  Socialism is the government ownership of the means of production.  I don't believe that socialism was invented until the 1800's, and it has been a scourge since then.  The Soviet Union collapsed because Socialism doesn't work; and National Socialism failed, too, because it didn't work either.
    The movie critic Billy Ray continues, "In the movie ‘NOAH’ were scenes, maybe director/producers license to enhance the film, that I do not recall being taught during the religious brainwashing of my youth. For example, I never knew fallen angels became entities made of rock but were able to speak, walk, fight, think, and assisting in the construction of the Ark."  I missed the movie, but have often heard of fallen angels.
      Billy Ray talks about where the movie was filmed:  "Maybe another director enhancement but the terrain and people where the alleged Noah’s activities occurred, in the film, aren’t compatible to the indigenous and environment where the original stories originated. In fact, three separate Arab cultures wrote about the mythical flood but only the Noah’s Flood myth involved an Ark and two of each non-human surface/air species."    Again, not having seen the movie, I'm perplexed, but I notice in most movies, the backdrop--whether of a Western, a horror flick, or a World War II combat film, looks strangely like Southern California.
    Billy Ray is good at spotting bloopers in the movie as he adds, "The movie ended with two females; Noah’s wife and an adopted female. There were four males; Noah and his three sons. The middle son leaves his family, at the Ark’s surface impact area, to search for life, especially a spouse."  If the movie had all humans wiped out but four men and two women, two of Noah's sons won't be able to find a spouse.
       My Democratic opponent adds, "Equally interesting to me is the academic community’s reporting of the birth place of Noah and his family and Abraham and his clan. The location is known today as the sovereign nation of Iraq."  I don't recall Iraq being mentioned in the Bible as the birthplace of either man.
     Now Billy Ray seems to refer to Jews as terrorists when he says, "Jesus’ birthplace is recognized to be the ancient Roman Province of Palestine. The last foreign occupier of Palestine, prior to Jewish terrorist control, was the British Government under a United Nations Mandate."  Louis Brandeis of Louisville was Jewish, but he certainly wasn't a terrorist.  I think the label "Jewish terrorist" is an oxymoron.
       Billy Ray Wilson adds,     "There was never a sovereign country of Israel until 1949. Yes, there were two Kingdoms in the Province of Palestine known as Judea and Samaria but, as stated, never a recognized state of Israel. The population was mixed ethnic groups and races just as present day Israel."  Again, authority for there having been a sovereign country of Israel prior to 1949 rests in the Bible, in the Books of Joshua Judges Ruth, and I Samuel, II Samuel, I Kings, and II Kings.  If King David and King Solomon never existed, then who wrote the Psalms and Proverbs attributed to them?  I believe they existed almost three thousand years ago, and were the rulers of ancient Israel.

Thursday, April 10, 2014


I'm a Democrat.  I'm proud to be a Democrat.
I'm from the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party.
Now, we have a lot of DINOs around here.
What is a DINO?  It is a Democrat;
The following people were Democrats that were not DINOs:
Thomas Jefferson
James Madison
James Monroe
John Quincy  Adams
 Andrew Jackson
Martin Van Buren
James Knox Polk
Franklin Pierce
James Buchanan
Andrew Johnson
Grover Cleveland
Woodrow Wilson
Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Harry S. Truman
John F. Kennedy
Lyndon Baines Johnson
Jimmy Carter
Bill Clinton and
Barak Obama.
Are you a DINO?
Are you a Democrat In Name Only?
What is the evidence of DINOs?
Look at your election statistics. 
     Last time, I carried Elliott County against Republican Hal Rogers in the general election.  Elliott County (2013 figures in the rest of this blog) has 4674 Democrats and 245 Republicans; President Obama and I both carried Elliott County Kentucky against Republican opposition in 2012.  Thank you Elliott County.
     Now let's look at some of the counties that Hal Rogers carried against me in the most recent general election: Kentucky has 1,669,536 Democrats and 1,175,497 Republicans.  The Kentucky Fifth District has 253,798 Democrats and 235,470 Republicans.  Pike County Kentucky has 34,308 Democrats and 11,110 Republicans.  Floyd County, Kentucky has 25,907 Democrats and 3,278 Republicans.  Harlan County--where I used to work in the Courtrooms--has 14,332 Democrats and 5,334 Republicans.  Knott County has 10,575 Democrats and 684 Republicans.  Perry County has 15 thousand Democrats and 4 thousand Republicans.  Magoffin County has 7 thousand Democrats and 2 thousand Republicans.  Letcher County has 11 thousand Democrats and 3 thousand Republicans.  Lawrence County has 6 thousand Democrats and 4 thousand Republicans.
      Let's talk about it.  Why do so many of you Democrats prefer to have Republican Hal Rogers rather than Democrat Kenneth Stepp as your Congressman?   Basically the Democratic Majority in the Kentucky Fifth District decides who will be the Congressman representing the Fifth District.  It seems most Democrats in the Fifth District are DINOs--Democrats in Name Only. 
     Look at the issues.   Food Stamps.  Hal Rogers voted to abolish Food Stamps.  When the Democratic Senate stopped that from happening, Hal Rogers and the Republicans had to settle for a big reduction in Food Stamp Benefits.  Kenneth Stepp is in favor of restoring food stamp benefits to their October 2013 level.  If you want to cut food stamps, then you are a DINO because the food stamp program is a program that most Democrats support.   If your are a real Democrat then you should vote for Kenneth Stepp.   DINOs vote for Republicans.
       Look at the warrantless wiretapping and unreasonable searches and seizures.  If you want everyone's phone lines tapped, then you are a DINO, because freedom from unreasonable searches and seizures is something that most Democrats believe in.   If your are a real Democrat then you should vote for Kenneth Stepp.   DINOs vote for Republicans.
      Look at the government shutdown!   The Democrats acted reasonably in the budget dispute last year, but the Republicans chose to force a government shutdown last year rather than making a reasonable effort to agree on a budget.  The government shutdown was the Republicans' fault.


Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Cheney and Paul squaring off!

"2009 Rand Paul Speech: Cheney Manipulated US Into Iraq War for Profit

Monday, 07 Apr 2014 03:23 PM
By Sandy Fitzgerald


Sen. Rand Paul claimed in 2009 that former Vice President Dick Cheney exploited the 9/11 attacks in order to lead the United States into war in Iraq to benefit military contractor Halliburton, where Cheney had been CEO before heading to Washington, a video unveiled by blog Mother Jones' writer David Corn shows.

In the video unearthed of a speech given at Western Kentucky University, Paul argues that Cheney opposed the first Bush administration's plans but changed his mind over Halliburton, Corn reports.

 "He's being interviewed (in 1995), I think, by the American Enterprise Institute, and he says it would be a disaster, it would be vastly expensive, it would be civil war, we'd have no exit strategy. He goes on and on for five minutes — Dick Cheney saying it would be a bad idea," Paul says in the video.

"And that's why the first Bush didn’t go into Baghdad. Dick Cheney then goes to work for Halliburton. Makes hundreds of millions of dollars — their CEO. Next thing you know, he's back in government, it's a good idea to go into Iraq."

Paul, a presumptive Republican presidential candidate in 2016, also said in the speech that 9/11 "became an excuse for a war they already wanted in Iraq."
 The unearthed video was shot shortly before Paul announced his Senate candidacy plans.

Paul's 2009 theory wasn't unique, as Iraq war opponents used the same claims about the beginnings of the war, Corn noted.

Corn notes that Cheney blasted isolationists in his own party March 29 at the Republican Jewish Coalition's spring leadership meeting at casino magnate Sheldon Adelson's hotel.

"One of the things that concerns me first about the [2016] campaign, that I'm worried about," Cheney said, "is what I sense to be an increasing strain of isolationism, if I can put it in those terms, in our own party," Cheney told the various Republican leaders at the private event.

While he did not name names, Corn contends that he was talking about Paul."

So Paul and Cheney are squaring off?  It's about time some Republican disagreed with Cheney and his neo-cons.   I disagree with Cheney and his Iraq war too.  Stepp for Congress!

Monday, March 17, 2014


IN THE FEW TIMES THE AMERICAN BAR ASSOCIATION HAS RANKED HAL ROGERS' VOTING RECORD, THEY HAVE CONSISTENTLY GIVEN HIM ZERO PER CENT (0%)! "Legal Issues 2001-2002 American Bar Association - Positions 0% 1999-2000 American Bar Association - Positions 0%"


Hal Rogers and the $17,000 Drip Pans. Do you want a Drip Pan?

"2:05 pm "Wed September 12, 2012 "Watchdog Group Names Congressman Rogers Among Most Corrupt Lawmakers "By Phillip M. Bailey "A national watchdog group has named Congressman Hal Rogers, R-Ky., among the most corrupt lawmakers in the country. "Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, a non-partisan group, released its annual Most Corrupt Members of Congress report Wednesday, which lists 12 members it alleges have engaged in misconduct. "The report calls out Rogers for directing millions of dollars in earmarks to a Kentucky-based company that has contributed to his campaign. Phoenix Products Co. located in Maceo, Ky., has been paid $6.5 million by the U.S. Army for hundreds of leak-proof drip pans for military helicopters. "Earlier this year, The New York Times reported that Phoenix Products was paid $17,000 per drip pan, but that competitor businesses said similar products cost only $2,500. "Melanie Sloan is executive director of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington. She says Rogers is a frequent offender, and constituents concerned about fiscal responsibility should be alarmed. "While these may be made in Kentucky this is hurting America. We have a huge deficit. We can’t afford all of our bills. And here it is we’re paying over $14,500 extra for each drip pan. And that’s taxpayer money. So we should all be concerned,” she says. "The company’s owners have been political donors to Rogers’s re-election bids and have personally given over $20,000 since 2004. Another $17,000 has been contributed by employees via the company's lobbying firm since 2002. "For years, Rogers has been dubbed the "Prince of Pork" by critics for his ability to attach pork barrel spending to legislation. Despite Rogers's reputation clashing with the austerity push of the Tea Party movement, he is currently the chairman of the powerful Appropriations Committee "Rogers’ office did not return a call seeking comment for this story. "From the New York Times: "A Congressional aide said that Mr. Rogers inserted the earmark after Army officials went to him with concerns about fluids that were leaking into the cabins of Black Hawks, splattering not only crew members but also wounded soldiers being airlifted to hospitals. “The Army came to the boss and said this is an issue,” said the aide, who spoke on the condition of anonymity in discussing internal communications. "The Army, however, said it was simply following a budget directive from Congress. Mr. Rogers’s earmark came before House members informally agreed to ban such provisions to for-profit companies. “Congress mandated a leakproof transmission drip pan,” said Dov Schwartz, an Army spokesman. The contract was awarded without competitive bids because Phoenix was the only company deemed “approved and certified” for the work, he said. “The number of people that make leakproof transmission dripping pans is few and far between,” Mr. Schwartz said, adding that the steel required for such pans is more costly than the plastic used in other versions. "Mr. Rogers continual, long-term (and) generally corrupt behavior of exchanging earmarks for campaign contributions is the kind of thing that makes Americans so disgusted with their government," says Sloan, adding her group has filed a complaint against Rogers with the Office of Congressional Ethics and asked the U.S. military to investigate."

Well, if you want the government to keep on buying seventeen thousand dollar ($17,000.00) drip pans, then you should vote to re-elect Hal Rogers to the U.S. House. Kenneth Stepp will vote in favor of the two thousand five hundred dollar ($2,500.00) drip pans. Hal Rogers is another reason I am a Democrat. Stepp For Congress KY-05 Democrat!